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Khobar Hub is constantly looking for young leaders who are committed, passionate, and willing team players to be part of its community. Khobar Hub Shapers are diverse in their backgrounds, from students, engineers, and designers to educators and entrepreneurs, and are unified by one mission, and that is to shape their community. 

“Khobar Hub is driven by its members' passion and determination to bring a positive impact to the community. Since its’ inception, Shapers have added bricks of values and efforts to strengthen the Hub.”

Turki Altheyeb • Founding Curator

Recruitment Process

Khobar Hub opens its recruitment round on a biannual basis and the process runs through four phases:

Application Round

In this phase, applicants submit their basic information. Khobar Hub will screen applications for age and location. The Global Shapers Community stipulates that applicants must be between 18 to 27 years old and have to be located in the city of which the Hub resides. Applicants that do not fit into this criterium will not be able to move onto the following phase.  Be sure to choose Khobar Hub and add your personal information as requested in the application form. This phase is open year-round. When the application round is opened, all requests are processed and suitable applicants are moved to the second phase.

Application Screening

Once applicants pass the application round, they are invited to fill in an in-depth questionnaire and share more about their background, interests, and abilities. This questionnaire helps the recruitment team learn more about the applicant and assess the alignment of their abilities and skills with the hub’s mission and objectives. 


The applicants who pass the second phase are moved to the last phase which is an in-person interview to finally assess the applicant’s skills.


If passed, the applicants are accepted into Khobar Hub as Guest Shapers. A Guest Shaper status is a probationary period before finally inducting them into Shapers.

The process, from initial application to selection, takes at most two months. During each phase, applicants will receive communication via email confirming their status.

"Being a shaper is not only a badge, it is a responsibility you take on to give back to the community, a pledge that you will do what you can to leave a better mark in this world, step by step, joining a chain of selfless young people who are driven by passion for good."

Basma AlZamil • Khobar Hub Alumnus.

What do we expect from Guest Shapers?

Indeed, Guest Shapers are expected to:

  • Attend Monthly Meetings and general meetings.

  • Show enthusiasm and willingness to participate and display a high level of commitment and initiative.

  • Actively participate in at least one committee and one project.

  • Accomplish qualitative tasks and demonstrate a high work ethic.

  • Understanding of Khobar Hub and alignment with its mission and vision.

  • Receptiveness to Hub work culture and aptitude.

  • Involvement in teamwork/effort and dependability.

Khobar Hub Shapers participate on a voluntary basis. To note, this is not a paid job or an internship, rather an opportunity to actively engage in community development with like-minded individuals. This experience can supplement your academic or work experience, and would require about 10-12 hours of work weekly. Furthermore, since the Hub is part of a wider international community, command of the English language is strongly needed in addition to the Arabic language.

Join us and become a Global Shaper!

For more information regarding Khobar Hub, its projects, or community impact, kindly visit the supplementary pages on this website.