Khobar Hub was established in 2013 in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, the Hub has addressed various challenges including workforce and employment, digitalization, health, entrepreneurship, and education. 

About Us

Khobar Hub is a vibrant catalyst for positive change. The Hub is driven by dedicated Shapers from diverse backgrounds, professional experiences, and exceptional skills committed to shaping our community and laying the groundwork for a better future. Khobar Hub aims to motivate youth in the Eastern Province to identify, understand, and lead change in the community. Further, Khobar Hub seeks to identify opportunities to deliver impactful solutions to local challenges and coexisting with sustainable projects that will serve the wellbeing of the community.


To be the leaders in creating sustainable impact driven by the power of youth.


Unlocking youth potential and furthering change by promoting social responsibility among individuals and companies, collaborating with local and global entities, and launching and developing initiatives that address local challenges in order to catalyze and support socioeconomic development of the Eastern Province.



from Shapers to fulfill the Hub’s objectives


in execution and delivery


to have full belief in providing long-lasting change


to continuously engage in the betterment of the community


work with all members of the community

Strategic Objectives

Self-organizing for impact 

Creating and working in a self-organized team to spur innovative solutions for challenges in our local communities and the world. 

Amplifying the voice of young people 

Build an efficient leading hub which consists of inspiring individuals dedicated to serving their community in response to available opportunities to shape global, regional and local agendas. 

Sharing responsibility 

Through strategic partnerships with stakeholders to allow Shapers to amplify their voice and inspire change for the benefit of our community, city and country as a whole.

Khobar Hub Over the Years 

   Annual Reports

  • 2022-23 Annual Report:  EN  |  AR
  • 2021-22 Annual Report:  EN  |  AR
  • 2020-21 Annual Report:  EN  |  AR
  • 2019-20 Annual Report:  EN  |  AR
  • 2018-19 Annual Report:  EN  |  AR